Cyber Security

Our cyber threat intelligence and incident response teams have gained first-hand visibility of the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) employed by some of the most sophisticated cyber adversaries.

Rhulaa.Teck Cyber Threat Intelligence, backed by teams from recent acquisitions Context and Deja vu Security, aims to help clients, partners and community members by offering information so that they can stay ahead of threats relevant to their businesses, industries and geographies.

A Flexible Future

The unprecedented health and humanitarian crisis that has gripped our world during 2020 has opened the door to innovative cybercrime. Organizations can take steps to a more flexible and secure future if they:

  • Think “anytime, anywhere”: Secure all users, devices, and network traffic consistently with the same degree of effectiveness.
  • Be transparent: Give users access to what they need when they need it.
  • Inspire calm and confidence: Make security leaders the catalyst for change, using empathy and compassion to deliver a more agile response.
  • Where possible, simplify: Consider managed services and automate where it makes sense.
  • Build for resilience: Make business continuity and crisis management plans fit for purpose, backed by the right resources and investments.

By putting such measures in place, organizations have an opportunity to outmaneuver uncertainty, emerge stronger from crises, and gain greater cyber resilience.