Rhulaa.teck is a trusted animation company, having expertise in offering a wide array of animation services. We create both 2D and 3D animations that can be used for logos, animatics, medical illustrations, portraits, product demos, caricatures, videos, movies, etc. Apart from that, it can be also used for official purposes such as business presentations, demo, applications, websites, etc.

At Rhulaa.teck, we have a team of expert animators and designers who are trained to animate outcomes that fall in line with the client’s specifications. We also assist them in effectively displaying their business offerings and garnering the desired attention from their target audience.

Animation services offered by us

Our skilled animators are experienced enough to understand your exact needs and convey the desired message in your preferred tone or style. The outcomes produced by us exhibit the appropriate blend of art, design, sound, and aesthetics to capture the attention of viewers and influence them. Our various services include:

2D Animation

Our 2D animations are mostly used for e-learning, logos, films, games, etc.

3D Animation

We create 3D animations for creating 3D characters, models, game props, etc.

Flash Animation

We create flash animations for demos/interactive websites.

Video Animation

We create interactive animated videos for clients to promote their products, services, or brand.

Whiteboard Animation

We convert our clients’ ideas into engaging whiteboard animations to promote their business.

Cartoon Animation

We create animated cartoon characters or graphics to convey messages in a fun and engaging way.